Michael (diesel) wrote,

I got my shoes today. there everthing i always wanted and more. ok not really, but there nice.
i found out that theres going to be a full-time job opening at the hospital. i better get it. i have more experience then any mofo out there. i think my boss is trying to keep it quiet, so i can't apply for it.
-they better post the job opening
-they better give me the freakin' job
-i'll burn this mother down!

ok, i wouldn't burn anything down. but i'll be pissed.
and, and i'll rain down DOOM on their DOOMED heads! hell and freakin brimstone is in your future boss lady, and a bunch of dirty looks! well, i'll probly just quit since i have way too many jobs already and i can get a better job in a blink of an eye.

invader zim is off the air, nick cancelled it. *basterds*
so i just got the whole season on cd. rock out me

thats all for now....
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