Michael (diesel) wrote,

I had the worst day yesterday...
my g/f's mom gets home around 2:30 and ask me if i can help move her bedroom furniture outside 'cause she just got a new one at a flee market. no 'problem! i'm staying there on weekdays n' kicking some cash her way for rent, but its a nice thing to do, so sure i can help her out. it took me about an hour, but once i was done she ask if i could help move in some pieces. sure, i'm still a nice guy.
for the next "five" hours me and my g/f's brother moved this shit from house to house. then when my g/f got home from work she wanted the furniture that my mother was getting hid of, so me n' her move the shit out of her room and put her mother's shit in...
i was moving other peoples shit for around eight hours!

ok, it was a bad day, but nothing is going to break my stide.
i just got my new camera in the mail n' its freakin' beautful..
shit i gotta go do some work...
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