Michael (diesel) wrote,

ah time for muah friday night post...
i had a pretty good week, it could have been alot worst.
i got a speeding ticket on thursday night, not a big deal. it was on base so i had to deal with the military police. it was kinda funny 'cause the cop was like...
"do you know how fast you were going?"
"ya, 25"
"well, its only 20mph on this street"

if i'm going to lie, i should really see what the limit is first :)
More random thoughts, i bought a bamboo tree (pretty kool)
i sent a fistfull of resumes to some army base in jersey.
i saw that new matt daemon film, it was better then expected.
got new running shoes.
gotta go to a wedding this weekend, its my g/f's brother-in-laws'. so i'm going to wear my $600 italin suit, n' be the best dressed mofo there :)
i gotta get some work done 'round here, i'll post more tonight..
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