July 20th, 2002

(no subject)

Lol, i just got my pictures back from the wedding.
i look like a giant freakin' Q-tip! i look sooo white.
maby it was the black suit or maby the lighting, but i
looked really white. my big bald mellon-esk head was gleeming
in the pictures...lol. i need to get more sun.
i looked like freakin' powder!

the shoe place left a message on my machine about my fluvogs.
there was some problems or something, n' i gotta give them a
call back. how freakin' hard is it? i buy the shoes n' they put
them in a box and send them to me.... doesn't seem to hard..
damm dirty humans!

i had a real scare today, theres some fake news 'bout nick taking
invader zimm off the air. its all lies! lies i say! (thank god)

i just got done making my paper work for my gratham college, that
will be faxed monday morning. i also have to finish my resume for
some navy job in jersey. i really don't wanna switch over to the
navy, but the pay is really good. *cross my finger n' toes*

welp, thats all for this week.
i think i'm going to skip sleep today, i'll catch up tomorrow.
i gotta be in the garden state in a few hours for work.
all peace n' hair grease,