July 9th, 2002

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Welp, i made it through the week.
i went to my girlfriend's half-brother's wedding. it was a really nice wedding, a small church by the beach (nj). the reception was outstanding also, food great, people great, a good time overall. i should get some of my pictures back for me to scan n' post later.

Nothing to much going on, i'm getting sick of working two jobs. i just keep telling myself that i'm almost done and that the money is too good to turn down. i've been saving a bunch, i think its time for a spending spree :) i could use a new pair of shoes, i'm thinking angels (fluevog) would be nice; and get a chrome cell-phone case w/ the auto slide joint; and some other stuff...i'm not good at spending money.

some news alerts:
-My e-mail is dead! they wanted to charge me x amount of dollars to keep it. fuk' them. my new e-mail Diesel_2026@mail2world.com
-The addiction is back, i've asked my friend to give back my diablo cd. its been 'round seven months since i played it. but i've played other RPG's and nothing comes close. (and its free) So i can see myself doing some cow-runs into the wee hours of the morning...
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